Bonjour, Bombshells…

Hello loves, So it’s been awhile to say the least. However, we’re slowly coming back and with a NEW and IMPROVED Haute Bombshells experience. Life has an amazing way of showing us oppurtunityour path and should we choose to make the choices to follow our destiny (or sometimes not) the World has a way of opening up. I always knew even as a little girl that I was meant for greatness and here I am on the edge of my greatness. I truly believe in the deep seeded belief and manifestation of your dreams. It WILL NEVER BE EASY. NEVER. I can promise you that, in fact I can promise you it WILL NEVER be “EASY”. In fact it will be hard and that is why most never realize their dreams…most are happy to just dream.


That being said, I implore you to get on the dance floor. Don’t give a flying fuck what anyone has to say. DANCE.