Diary of a Haute Bombshell…

Ugh. What’s a Bombshell to do? How hard is it to find a man that is just like me? LOL I’ve said it a few {million} times; How I wish I could clone myself. Why not? I’m flipping perfect. I earn my own money, I’m successful at what I do… I have my own life, not clingy/needy. Fucking HOT, have my shit together, depend on no one. I’m funny, charismatic and charming. What is not to love?

Evidently a lot… {chuckles} very few males out there are prepared to deal with our particular breed and the ones that are capable are few and far between. {POUTS}, it’s “ok” Bombshells… we’ll survive we always do.

Currently my love life is overwhelmed ex’s… they’re pouring out of the woodwork and though some {most} of them are lovely men, who on paper seem like perfect matches, just don’t add up in the real world.

Is it wrong that when I describe some of them it starts with “he’s too nice”, what kind of cunt says that? Me… I say that. I would slay him, eat him alive and he would end up hating me for the rest of his life. Some would say {actually a lot of people have said…} You have too much masculine energy. WHAT THE FUCK is that supposed to mean? I know what it’s supposed to mean, but seriously this day in age…we’re still using archaic gender roles to define people? Totall bullshit if you ask me.

Guess what? I define myself. And you know what… it’s working for me. It’s making me money and giving me the life I want. I’m not a typical female {duh} I never yearned for the nuclear family. I knew from a young age that I wasn’t the marrying type. I get antsy when the possessiveness in a romantic partner comes out. There is nothing “typical” about me and I LOVE IT, and the right person will love it too. What kind of a little bitch needs a woman to submit herself to him… to strip away all the parts of herself that make her unique just so he can “feel like a man”? Why would you want someone like that? I want someone just as bold as I am. Tenacious, ambitious and fucking hungry for what life has to offer.  Devour this buffet together, could you imagine the sex? OMG.

Stop quieting yourself. Stop limiting yourself with what others think or what you fear they think of you. Shamefully I know way too many men and women who hate themselves. Hate who they are, hate what they look like, hate what they do have and hate what they don’t. Nothing I say or do to implore you to love the motherfucking shit out of yourself. Who you ARE. The good things and all the flaws. Cause you will always find an excuse to offset what I’m trying to tell you. Always. You’ll look in the mirror and will be unable to make eye contact with the person in the mirror. My question to you is “Why? Why the fuck are you allowing yourself to feel like that?”What purpose is it serving? I’m waiting… Is it feeding the homeless? Saving children from around the world from hunger or sex slavery? Because if you’re going to martyr your ass it might as well be serving a purpose. But it isn’t . The only thing hating yourself is doing is fucking up YOU. Preventing YOU from living. So concerned what others think about you? Why?

Fuck ‘em…

Talk about going off on a tangent lol….



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Bonjour, Bombshells…

Hello loves, So it’s been awhile to say the least. However, we’re slowly coming back and with a NEW and IMPROVED Haute Bombshells experience. Life has an amazing way of showing us oppurtunityour path and should we choose to make the choices to follow our destiny (or sometimes not) the World has a way of opening up. I always knew even as a little girl that I was meant for greatness and here I am on the edge of my greatness. I truly believe in the deep seeded belief and manifestation of your dreams. It WILL NEVER BE EASY. NEVER. I can promise you that, in fact I can promise you it WILL NEVER be “EASY”. In fact it will be hard and that is why most never realize their dreams…most are happy to just dream.


That being said, I implore you to get on the dance floor. Don’t give a flying fuck what anyone has to say. DANCE.