So here is the thing.

We’re the ONLY Sunless Tanning provider in the State of IL & IN that is known across the USA for their tans. We’re the ONLY one offering mobile and on-site Airbrush Tans that have the credential’s and qualification’s to back up our statements.

*Certified by all leading national agencies for SUNLESS Tanning

*Co-wrote the national module for mobile sunless tan with NORVELL

*Airbrush Tanned cast members from DANCING WITH THE STARS during their national tour.

*Been featured in both SMART TAN & IST the leading tanning publications as well as the DAILY &  NORTHWEST HERALD

Once only available to celebrities, the airbrush tan is now widely available and affordable, and has made sunless tanning lotions and spray booths things of the past. Because of its extremely natural appearance and easy application process, airbrush tanning can save you time and money.

Airbrush tanning provides many benefits since it won’t damage your skin, is made from 100% natural and 98% organic ingredients, and can actually improve the skin’s appearance. Airbrush tanning is a UV-free form of tanning that is applied topically to the skin. Because the solution is absorbed into the outer layer of skin, it is not permanent and does not penetrate the blood. These solutions provide an even, natural looking color on the entire body. With various shades of solution to choose from, any individual can achieve a sun kissed glow, or even a dark tan not able to be achieved from the sun. In addition to the bronze glow it provides, an airbrush tan is similar to foundation for the whole body because it evens out skin tone, and can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins, and tan lines in only one session.

One of the greatest benefits of the airbrush tan is its convenience factor. An airbrush tan typically takes between 30-45 minutes, but can last anywhere from 5-7 days, more depending on the health of your skin and how well you take care of it.

Why Choose Haute Bombshells?

Simple: We’re the BEST. We’re the only company that is committed to giving you the most FLAWLESS tan you’ve ever had.

For starters we have our own unique way of tanning, most if not all tech’s spray you in an uniform fashion. Not Haute Bombshells. We take into consideration the shape of your body and with pretty sweet bag of tools which include two types of “guns” (spray & airbrush) and several brushes we paint you as our own personal work of art.

Our business is based on positive reinforcement of a woman beauty regardless if it is real or faux. Every woman whether she is born that way or not, deserves to feel like a Haute Bombshell, every single day. Our team consists of licensed cosmetologist’s and nationally certified airbrush tech’s who have been featured in several trade magazines (IST & Smart Tan). Haute Bombshells is the leading mobile Tanning Company in the Chicagoland area. Haute Bombshells is sought after for its combination of excellent service and high-end products. Our solutions are Eco Cert approved by PETA.  Organic, Paraben Free • Gluten Free • 100% Vegan • Nut Allergen Free. We offer state of the art equipment and services that are not currently available in this area.

Our Tanologist are the only nationally accredited and certified by all of the leading agencies for AIRBRUSH tan providers in the Chicagoland areas.  We are not just a “spray tan” we’ve spent years in this industry working with professionals to develop our award-winning tans.

Haute Bombshells offers our clients smooth transactions and ease of service, convenience and our personalized beauty & tan services and experience. We have researched and invested a lot into choosing our products & solutions for our clients and offer the best quality/price ratio.

Advantages of an Haute Bombshells Tan

Its quick it only takes 20-30 minutes to complete a Haute Bombshell Tan and you’re bronzed immediately to get the same results from tanning beds our clients would have in 5-6 tanning bed sessions.

We use 2-3 different types of guns and an arsenal of tools for a FLAWLESS application to make your tan PERFECT.

No streaks or orange appearance- HAUTE BOMBSHELLS only uses professional solutions and we customize each solution for every client. No two tans are the same

Color last 5-12 days (depends on clients skin regime)
Several Different Options to make your tan perfect for you
High End Professional Solutions
Custom Shades {Customized Cocktails}
Pre-Tan Spray for PH balancing to ensure a flawless color
3D Body Contouring and blending available
Moisture sunless spray to ensure the best tan for a additional fee!
Haute Bombshells excellent customer service