So… We have a pretty intense PREP regime here at Haute Bombshells.
BUT… seriously it is for YOUR benefit.

I tell every single client to take a CSI Shower. What do you ask is a CSI shower? Basically it means to shower like you’re guilty. Like you committed the crime and now your freedom rest entirely on your ability to get the evidence off.
You laugh…but I’m serious.

You’re paying good money and the one thing you don’t want to hurry and half ass is your prep for an airbrush tan. So here are the steps Bombshells, commit them to memory and your skin will love you FOREVER.
For starters make sure you have time fo’ yourself, Bombshells… You’re going to want to put fresh sheets on the bed tonight!

What you’ll need

Fresh Razors: Bring a few into the bath/shower with you. I like to use the ones that are geared toward the males. For whatever reason those suckers do THE JOB. Make sure they have 4-5 blades.

Haute Bombshells Hand Crafted Soap: All natural and organic. You’ll never use another soap ever again. Also I PLEAD, BEG…PLEAD for you never to use DOVE soap. The stuff is crap. It coats your skin with a film that yeah, makes it smooth and feels healthy. But, it isn’t. It will DESTROY your Bombshell Tan.

Haute Bombshells Whipped Sugar Scrub:This magically brought from the goddess is divine. 100% natural and organic. It will leave your skin edible;)

Haute Bombshells Whipped Body Butter: Another product that has been sent from heaven. Made from a plethora of various oils, your skin will fall in and forever thank you by looking its best.

So now that you have everything to take your CSI Shower… let’s get started.
🎀Shower like normal. You’re going to want to shampoo your hair first. This allows the skin to get warm and open up.
🎀This is a good time to do a deep conditioning treatment. After you have that all up in your locks. Sud up with your Haute Bombshells soap and start shaving. Take your time. Be precise, indulge yourself.
🎀After you shave the first time, you’re going to want to take some of your Haute Bombshells Whipped Sugar Scrub and gently and lovingly apply it to your hairless body in a circular motion.
🎀When you’re done with the sugar scrub you’re going to soap up again. Shaving with the Haute Bombshells handcrafted soap won’t dry out your skin. It has so many freaking amazing oils in it, it seriously is perfect to use for shaving. Again… take your time.
🎀Rinse and do what you need to finish your girly time. BUT…once you leave the bathtub/shower you ONLY HAVE less than 3 minutes to do the next step.
🎀Lotion your body. Scoop up some of your Haute Bombshells Whipped Body Butter (I personally like to mix mine with some pure almond oil especially during the winter) and love your skin long time. If you wait longer than the 3 minute window your skin will have time to dry and start to draw moisture from another source. Don’t let your skin go thirsty.

PLEASE, I’m going to beg again. Do this at least 6 hours prior to your appointment.

BUT no sooner than that…the lotion could still be on the skin and prevent the solution from soaking into your paleness like good solutions are supposed to.
So… at least 12-6 BEFORE your appointment. I’m ok with you rescheduling. I want you to love your tan. You won’t if you don’t follow my very detailed instructions. PLUS… come on, you’re only going to have the most perfect skin ever. Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass. I know. BUT…think of your skin |